How to Build a WordPress Website – The Right Way!

The beauty of WordPress is that it has many faces and is extremely versatile, but underneath all the pretty demo themes, needs an efficient light framework – or you could be in trouble!

The Many Faces of the WordPress Platform – wordpress is now a ubiquitous platform that is used for a many different applications throughout the web and digital arena.  Wordpress was first created in 2003 and has subsequently released 31 versions of their software.

It is a developer friendly platform that is open source, but what has made wordpress so versatile are the plugins and applications developed, which can at ease, morph wordpress into a different beast altogether. Wordpress can take on many forms through themes and addons that are called plugins. There are themes and plugins to create a community forum, a directory site, an ecommerce site,  a sports league website, and the list goes on and on.

It is the switching of themes and the enhancement of the wordpress framework through plugin development that is inherently the beauty of wordpress.  There are over 10,000 different themes that have been built for wordpress, a lot of generic themes that can be customised to your liking, whether for a financial business, hairdressers,  solicitors, an artist, dance school, sports leagues  or marketing agency – the possibilities are almost unlimited.

All sounds good,  but are there any limitations or caveats to wordpress?  One of the problems that face web designers and developers when building a website with wordpress is what theme do I choose to build my site.  Some wordpress web designers will choose a particular styled theme that has already been designed to a websites services or products,  but the majority opt for a generic theme full of built in features and demo themes that can be adapted to their clients look and feel.

The problem here is that these generic themes are loaded with features like drag and drop page builders,  theme customisation (for example a choice of 4 different header styles),  which although make it easy to build page elements, can be top heavy with unnecessary website code and javascript that inherently slows the website down.  Many wordpress theme developers are not mindful of Google’s ‘Page Insights speed optimisation tool and often cause issues with where they place the javascript within their wordpress template. Often the javascript is placed at the top of the page and can cause rendering issues with the page elements loading at speed.  You may have seen this message when running Google page insights, ‘Your page has blocking script resources and blocking CSS resources.’   Now some javascript does need to load first, if some page elements rely on it,  but the point is that some javascript can be either placed in the footer to resolve this.  Page load speed is also exacerbated by using to many css files.

So how do the more fastidious wordpress developers build a fully bespoke wordpress website that loads like ‘Grease Lightning’?

We are mindful that a website should not just look amazing but be usable with fast page loading pages. There’s only one way to build a wordpress site for speed and flexibility, and that is to use a custom wordpress framework built from the ground up and add to it, what you need.  Here at One Click Digital, our specialised wordpress developers use our own proven wordpress build with a lighter and leaner framework, and customise it accordingly to our clients requirements.  We utilise the right code and functionality on the pages that need it, so as not to overload pages that don’t need it.