Woocommerce version 3 for WordPress is Here

WooCommerce 3.0 brings an improved product image gallery, and new zoom, gallery view and mobile features plus a lot more.

1. Show off your product images in the new gallery

Woocommerce been talking about revamping the gallery experience on individual product pages almost since the time of the 2.6 release last year. We hadn’t been satisfied with gallery’s functionality for a long time — especially on mobile devices and smaller screen sizes — and felt it was time for a change.

After taking a poll and doing some internal testing, we eventually came up with a new gallery that had more functionality, was far more mobile-friendly, and was more intuitive than the previous iteration.

Here’s a short video of the gallery in action:



2. And there’s a lot more…

Truth be told, WooCommerce 3.0 has much more going for it than what we’ve highlighted so far, but it’s hard to fit it all into a single post. Here are some more changes you might want to know about:

  • Improved speed whch is noticable for larger ecommerce shops
  • Automatic sorting of tax rates, which makes it easier to add and manage new tax zones
  • The sitewide notice is now dismissable by customers
  • WordPress networks/multisite user handling has been updated so that WooCommerce will add existing users to the current store if the user already has an account in the same network (this resulted in an error in 2.6)
  • We’ve merged cart percent and product percent coupon types into one method, reducing confusion and errors caused by cart-based validation
  • And finally, improved logging for developers