Woogle Shopping for Woocommerce for WordPress

WordPress is much more than a blogging platform. You can transform your wordpress website into an Ecommerce platform, a forum, chat blog, a directory website and more…

One of the best add on plugins that I have recently used for a client site is to enable woocommerce for Google product feed and Google merchant centre. WOOGLE is a smarr easy to configure platform for a wordpress woocommerce site which allows you to Upload & Sync WooCommerce products directly to Google Shopping.


There’s no need to use archaic spreadsheets, simply setup woogle which takes a couple of hours.  Here’s the run down:


  1. Sync Simple and Variable Products
  2. Supports WooCommerce Product Attributes
  3. Updates “Stock Status” In Realtime
  4. Easy to configure using the Google shopping API
  5. 60 minute installation
  6. Great customer support

These are the steps:


  1. Open Your Google Merchant Account
  2. Verify & Claim Your Website URL
  3. Configure Tax & Shipping Settings
  4. Create & Enable A New API Project
  5. Setup Authentication With Your API
  6. Update Woogle Settings In WordPress
  7. Fill in the woogle fields for each product – GTIN, MPN, country, google shopping category

And that’s it – you’ve integrated your woocommerce site with Google shopping.  Woogle Shopping – it’s a snip at $250 dollars.